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jbanana: Badly drawn banana (banana)

That bloke

Those words

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Created on 2009-05-05 23:00:26 (#299343), last updated 2017-10-22 (16 hours ago)

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Friends say it's fine, friends say it's good, everybody says it's just like Robin Hood...
I'm an old LJ user and a new DW user. I only write here for my own amusement. See how no one else is reading? Just as well really. I'm just a middle aged dirt bag (baby). I'm a software developer, I'm a parent, I'm a lover, I'm a joker, but no one calls me the space cowboy, though some people did call my late cat "Maurice".

Oh, and this is my United Kingdom of Whatever.

Interests (81):

8~), all kinds of things, ambiguity, apple strudel, autobiography, beaujolais villages, black pepper, breakfast, breakfast in bed, cathy de monchaux, cheese, chianti, children, chutney, commenting, cooked breakfast, cryptic crosswords, cups of tea, debbie harry, dill, eating breakfast, editplus, f1, firm velvety loveliness, fungi, green party, grocer's apostrophe, half-remembered things, hearing, imogen cunningham, imperial measures, instant noodles, interests, james thurber, java, jix, josie lawrence, juggling, julia margaret cameron, llanfachreth, london, mount gay rum, murray walker, mushrooms, my so, nit-picking, nutmeg, oat cakes, opera browser, paddling in the sea, pantoums, photography, pictures, pinball, pints, play, poems, raspberries, sausages, silence, snow, snowy countryside, spicy food, spoonerisms, taking pictures, tea, techie stuff, the space age, tina modotti, toast, toca2, trees, vegetarianism, victoriana, vinyl, wellies, wellingtons, words, world music, writing software, wrong ends of sticks
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