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I've never seen or even heard of the TV programme Crossbones before today. It was about pirates. I can't say if it was any good, but it looks like they put some effort into the set dressing. Here's Yasmine Al Massri sitting on some fancy stuff.
Woman sitting on richly woven rugs
I'm a bit jealous of the photographer. Or maybe not - most of the work was already done before anyone pointed a camera at it.
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Here are some people who make me feel good. It's not an exhaustive list.

Click to embiggen
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Ever noticed that Edith Piaf and Joyce Grenfell look a little alike?

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If you take a bald man, explode a water bomb on his head, and take a photo at just the right moment, he has a water wig. Nice.

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[drawing of Hlmes and Watson in a ralway compartment]
The first line of the caption reads "Holmes gave me a sketch of the events"
Unfortunately the second and third lines have been cropped:
"but it was only as we emerged from the tunnel into
daylight that I noticed he was dressed as a woman."

Wikimedia Commons has lots more Holmes and Watson drawings.
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Jul. 22nd, 2012 06:40 pm
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Seen on a damp morning

Sorry about large file - DW image hosting doesn't do thumbnails (yet)

Acme anvil

Jun. 13th, 2012 03:35 pm
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Need something to drop on a cartoon character? Unfortunately, this seems to be a real product.

Stop reading about cartoons during working hours J!


May. 26th, 2011 01:18 pm
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Click to enlarge:

I was supposed to be doing some practice on the "9 rules" but I was distracted by what was above me.
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I've just eaten some leftovers from a baby shower. The odd thing is that it's the first time that I've ever heard of anyone in England having one. I know what it means from watching US TV shows, but certainly when I had children no one had them. People did give us baby stuff, and quite a lot of it, but not at an organised event. Wedding showers are also unknown here, at least to me.

There's a trend for non-customary customs to be imported. We have purchasing opportunities for Halloween and St Patrick's day, which passed almost entirely unnoticed when I were a nipper. Schools have also started to have "proms", which makes me very puke-some, if only because of the name: if you want to wear a ball dress, go to a ball. Even St George's day gets people buying flags now, and not union jacks like it would have been when people were properly confused about England/Britain.

But probably I'm just a Luddite. In a ball dress. Not waving the cross of St George, but frowning.

Hang on! Could we please import the festival of Holi? There's a big enough Indian population here, and I want to join in throwing coloured powder over everyone!
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You need to click through to see this, but it's worth it: Mortimer Wheeler and his second wife, Mavis

What a 'tache!

He was an archaeologist. She was a socialite, later infamous for shooting her lover.

There's another photo of them from the same year, nattily dressed for the period, but looking rather grumpy.
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I asked LJ to put Morris Peckham into "memorial status", whatever that is. It's nearly 7 years since he died. Here he is.

You can't really see here how big he was, nor how long his fur was.
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much bigger version

Looks quite nice at 1024x768 - bigger than that and you can see too much gungy detail on the petals, but the colours are still nice.
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The cat has an abscess on his head. The vet said it would cost £200 but as he didn't need anaesthetic it should be more like £100. Sadly he won't need one of those plastic bucket things to stop him scratching the wound. Those are funny, in a cruel sort of way.

Here's a photo of him.


May. 10th, 2010 03:59 pm
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Finally I got some Egypt photos up. We were with several other families, so these are the privacy-respecting people-free ones.

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I think I have 546 photos from Egypt. I think a bit of filtering is required...
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