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May. 21st, 2015 03:50 pm
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"Oh dear, I messed up that commit. I know it can be undone. I'll google it (again)..."
As I write, that article has been viewed 2044004 times. About 5 of those were me.

What I was looking for every time is:
git reset --soft HEAD~1

I can't find a list of the most viewed questions, but I bet this one is on it.
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Scary and dangerous as it is to mess with the registry, sometimes that's the only way.

I hate some of the fonts used by Windows, particularly Calibri. At large sizes it's ok, but at small sizes it goes grey and fuzzy. Eventually I got so fed up with it that I deleted it. Oops - a lot of Microsoft apps seem confused by missing fonts, and instead of another similar font, they use an icky script font. I was going to put Calibri back and admit defeat, but googling found me this:

...amd in case that page disappears, the registry fix is in
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\FontSubstitutes

Dead funny

Aug. 12th, 2014 03:06 pm
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I was once a poor comedian*. I was dying for a laugh*. But for a long time now I've been trying to be less funny*.

* The asterisks mark gags I didn't make. I'm taking it one day at a time


Jun. 10th, 2014 01:57 pm
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I had Polish food that I couldn't pronounce for lunch. Polish food seems heavy on meat. I had veg stew with buckwheat, quite pleasant but tasted like it might have been made with meat stock. Ho hum. The man in the cafe was surprised that I would have a beer at lunch time. I can report that Polish lager tastes the same as any other lager.

Anyway, cautious thumbs up for Mamuska, and bonus points for being in the Elephant shopping centre. Wikipedia says:
The shopping centre, designed by Boissenvain & Osmond for the Willets Group, was opened in March 1965. It was the first covered shopping mall in Europe, with 120 shops on three levels and a two-storey underground car-park. In the sales brochure (1963), Willets claimed it to be the "largest and most ambitious shopping venture ever to be embarked upon in London. In design planning and vision it represents an entirely new approach to retailing, setting standards for the sixties that will revolutionise shopping concepts throughout Britain."
I say:
Very shabby old shopping centre, but sells cheap stuff and has a Polish cafe.
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TL/DR: to make tiny times understandable, make one CPU cycle a second and scale everything else accordingly. Memory access, 6 minutes - disk IO, months - reboot, millennia!


Feb. 27th, 2014 11:25 am
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Having a day off in the middle of the week is like having a little holiday.

I fixed a fence with EC, went out to lunch with EC and my SO, added gamma correction to my ascii art thing, bought another fence panel, and went to scouts on the wrong day (on purpose - I was organising stuff) and went to bed early because I was tired for once.

This morning I got up a bit earlier than usual, feeling fairly perky, got to the station in time for an earlier train, and it was cancelled (perk only slightly dented).
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This is unexpected.

I assume that the numbers are correct, but I don't know anything about this blog. Beware: the left-hand scale doesn't go down to zero, so it's less dramatic than it looks.
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As I said before, most people's votes are almost completely pointless, but a minority get to choose who's in charge. In part 2, I have UK maps: The seats which could decide the next election
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I once saw a small statue of Ball in a portrait exhibition somewhere. It stayed with me, perhaps because I knew who he was, or perhaps because it was quite a dramatic little thing.

Now thanks to the internet I found out where I can see the little fellow again - walking distance from my office:
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I'm not, er, a big fan of Satan, but this amused me:
A group of Satanists who hope to build a statue of the devil next to a monument of the Ten Commandments by Oklahoma's Capitol building have unveiled their proposed design. The Satanic Temple... applied for a permit to erect a monument of Satan next to the Ten Commandments memorial.


Satan sits on a throne with a pentagon inscribed on it and two small children standing beside him. The group had said that it hoped the statue would act as an "object of play for young children" and Satan's lap would serve as a seat for visitors "for contemplation".


[obligatory Flying Spaghetti Monster reference]
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I was reading about Slope Point, the bottom end of New Zealand's mainland. Their peculiar wind-battered trees are worth a look.

But what really caught my eye was the distance sign. I thought that New Zealand was quite a long way south, but almost all of it is nearer to the equator than it is to the south pole. Antarctica and the southern ocean are extraordinarily large. Britain is further north that New Zealand is south.

Cape Horn is further south than New Zealand, but the Scottish mainland extends further north than Cape Horn does south.
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Occasionally I've heard people talk about miscommunication that can occur when westerners do business with eastern cultures. This revolves around an eastern concept of politeness. Easterners will avoid saying "no" or directly disagreeing with someone, not because they agree but because they want to avoid rudeness. Westerners think they are too straightforward for that sort of thing. Er, perhaps not. Here's a 15 point guide to what people really mean. Well, in the UK, at least.

If you know the phrase "Up to a point, Lord Copper" then you'll know what I'm talking about. If you don't, never mind, but it's from a book by Evelyn Waugh (and Evelyn was a chap).
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I wrote that I tipping is stupid and then I didn't think much about it. Then I read Jay Porter's blog posts about tipping. He's a restaurateur, and he thought tipping was stupid, so he stopped customers from doing it. Everything got better, and less sexist, and less racist, less everything-else-ist.

I feel so validated...
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You may be familiar with the song I'm My Own Grandpa but it can be hard to follow how the relationships work, so some people have made YouTube videos to "clarify" things: I'm sure there are others.

I was actually looking for Lydia the Tattooed Lady which turns out to be more risqué than the Muppet version I knew...
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I thought that I was alone in thinking this, but apparently not:

Highlight: several US states made tipping illegal in the early 20th century. They chickened out in the 20s.

As far as I can recall, I've never tipped a taxi driver. "Thanks for the over-priced ride. Here's some more money." I've never tipped a hotel porter. "Thanks for carrying my bags an insignificant distance, in spite of the fact that I'd rather do it myself. What? That's not included in the enormous price of staying here?" I've never tipped a barman because no one does that here, and when I was a barman I was never offered a tip (except for an occasional offer of a drink for myself).
...federal law allows tips to be used to make up the difference between a server's salary and minimum wage, meaning they can make as little as $2 to $3 per hour from their restaurant employer.
Wow! I don't think that's the case here, but it explains why US restaurant tips are commonly twice the size of UK tips. And if we all stopped tipping, restaurants would have to pay people properly.

Wii'd off

Jul. 4th, 2013 11:07 pm
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Wii channels are closing down. No news or weather, and now Nobody Votes. Internet channel still works - using it to type this. Can't help but remember the fuss and bother we had getting the thing...
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Thanks, Beach Boys. Who knew you were enthusiasts for the dark corners of regular expression syntax?

I wondered what "zero-width positive lookahead" and friends were. Now I know.
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